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How to Boost Recruiting Metrics with an ATS Software

Recruiting metrics are valuable measurements that show how well your hiring process is doing. This data helps recruiters, like you, properly evaluate hiring processes, by illuminating the bigger picture. Today, we’ll discuss two important recruiting metrics: time to fill and time to hire. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, it’s worth […]

What Candidates Hate About the Hiring Process

Most recruiters and employers understand that candidates want to know certain information before accepting a job offer. Details about company culture, the possibilities for career advancement, salary and more are all important factors for candidates to consider. While these points are critical to share, you should also pay attention to what candidates don’t like about […]

Mindscope’s New Partnership with EmployStream: Onboard Your Candidates Better and Faster

Mindscope now empowers its users to provide a sleek, modern and user-friendly onboarding experience for their candidates. In anticipation of the massive launch of our new UI/UX, we’re excited to offer customers the best onboarding platform on the market – AVAILABLE TODAY! How does it work? We’ve built an integration with the renowned EmployStream platform, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Recruitment

In the modern age of recruitment, we have seen social media become an increasingly important tool to reach prospective candidates for job openings. It is especially useful when reaching passive candidates (aka people who are not actively seeking work). Passive candidates account for around 70% of job seekers, so they’re a crucial market to tap […]

Mindscope Announces New Partnership with JobRobotix

We’re excited to announce our new partnership and integration with JobRobotix. With JobRobotix, Mindscope users are empowered to import hundreds of valuable job requests quickly, accurately and automatically from all VMS/MSP platforms. “Mindscope is known as the innovation leader in applicant tracking systems — not only for our built-in tools, but also for our integrations […]

The Surprising Benefits of Automated Email Responses

What’s your take on sending candidates automated email responses? Some recruiters balk at the idea because they feel robotic and impersonal—others like automated emails because they save time while letting candidates know that their application has been received. Whether you love them or hate them, automated email responses (a feature that can be set-up in […]