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4 Effective Ways of Streamlining Your Payroll and Billing

Getting candidates paid on time is arguably one of the most important aspects of any successful business operation. There are so many negative outcomes that can arise from poor financial management: a bad public reputation, employee absenteeism and low retention rates, just to name a few. Keeping these in mind, and the importance of maintaining […]

How to Streamline Email Communication With Your Candidates

Communicating with your candidates is one of the most important things you can do as a recruiter. While texting is rising in the ranks, email still stands as the most frequently used method of communication between recruiters and candidates. Now more than ever is a crucial time to be fine-tuning your communication methods and make […]

Why It’s More Important than Ever to Measure Your Candidate Data

‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’ As cliché as this classic saying may be, it rings true – having tangible, quantitative data to work with allows you to make informed and necessary improvements to your strategies.   In the realm of recruiting, measuring your candidate data allows you to make more efficient […]

Adjusting Your Interview Approach for COVID-19

Hiring managers and recruiters have been going through a state of extreme change over the past couple months in response to new and unavoidable working conditions. In addition to working remotely, the process of conducting an interview now also has to be done from a distance, and will require a COVID-19 era overhaul.   At […]

Helping Your Team Adjust to Remote Recruiting Practices

These days, it seems like the entire business world is undergoing a remote makeover. What initially started as a response to social distancing efforts enforced by the outbreak of COVID-19, many employers are now finding that remote work can be just as practical and productive as coming into the office. However, in industries like recruitment […]

Using Recruitment Tech to Communicate With Your Candidates During COVID-19

Ensuring you communicate through multiple avenues is very important amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Pandemic or no pandemic, connecting with customers is one of the most important actions a business can take. A staggering 81% of job seekers said that if employers provided them with continuous status updates, their overall candidate experience would greatly improve.   […]