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How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Business

Having a social media presence is a must for legitimate businesses today. No matter what your industry is, prospective customers almost always look at your website as well as social media accounts during their research. GlobalWebIndex’s report has shown that 1 in 4 internet users follow brands that they are thinking of making a purchase […]

5 Undeniable Signs You Need a New ATS Software

Every year, people make New Year resolutions to achieve new goals or improve their lifestyle. However, New Year resolutions don’t have to be limited to just your personal life; they can be related to your career, too. After all, it never hurts to continue to improve on your skills and processes at work. It’s been […]

The Most Intuitive ATS in the Industry – Mindscope’s New UI/UX

This Summer 2019, Mindscope will officially roll-out its brand new user-interface (UI) and user-experience (UX) for thousands of eager customers. Developed by a team of world-class experts, the new UI/UX is brilliant in its simplicity, while retaining all of Mindscope’s great features. The software’s highly-anticipated UI/UX is being built with modern technology that is just […]

The 5 Recruiting Tools That Dominated 2018

With the New Year around the corner, there’s no better time to review the most popular recruiting trends of 2018. Recruiters and industry leaders discussed and took action on these trends—did you? This year, we witnessed a huge surge in AI recruitment tools, as well as a stronger focus on employee well-being and happiness. You’ll […]

How to Survive Indeed’s Changes With Your Staffing Software

Indeed has announced that they’re changing their policy on how recruiters and recruitment-based companies can post jobs as of January 7, 2019. While we touched on this subject a couple of weeks ago, we want to take a deeper dive on how paid sponsorship for job ads may affect recruiters. We also asked some recruiting […]

How to Find Steady Candidates with ATS Recruitment Software

Numerous reports have shown that people are voluntarily quitting their jobs more than ever in the U.S. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.4% of employed American workers had voluntarily quit their jobs by the end of July 2018—this is the highest the voluntary quit rate has been since April 2001. So, Why […]

Top 10 Companies Currently Looking for Seasonal Temp Jobs

  With the holidays only a few weeks away, you’re likely being approached by clients to place their seasonal employees. Job seekers aren’t wasting a minute either, and are actively searching for seasonal opportunities. According to Indeed, there was about 1,150 searches for seasonal work per million total searches as of September 11, 2018. With […]

This Little Known Secret Draws More Applicants to Your Job Posting

With plenty of options to choose from, candidates hold a great amount of power these days. Since they have so many opportunities, your job postings need to stand out and be incredibly persuasive. There is one stand-out ingredient in job postings that really compel people to apply—surprisingly, it’s video! If recruitment videos weren’t on your […]

Top Recruiters Have These Traits. How Many Do You Have?

It turns out that the industry’s top recruiters share the same qualities. These specific traits are what makes them stand out and excel in their careers. How many do you already have yourself? Whether you’re a new or seasoned professional in the industry, each of these characteristics can be learned and practiced to up your […]

Write an Irresistible Job Post in 4 Simple Steps

You’ve just received a massive job order from one of your best-standing clients. To make a good impression, you want to place a quality candidate as soon as possible. Now comes the most important part – how are you going to describe the role in your job post, so that top talent can’t resist applying […]