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Top 10 Companies Currently Looking for Seasonal Temp Jobs

  With the holidays only a few weeks away, you’re likely being approached by clients to place their seasonal employees. Job seekers aren’t wasting a minute either, and are actively searching for seasonal opportunities. According to Indeed, there was about 1,150 searches for seasonal work per million total searches as of September 11, 2018. With […]

This Little Known Secret Draws More Applicants to Your Job Posting

With plenty of options to choose from, candidates hold a great amount of power these days. Since they have so many opportunities, your job postings need to stand out and be incredibly persuasive. There is one stand-out ingredient in job postings that really compel people to apply—surprisingly, it’s video! If recruitment videos weren’t on your […]

Hiring Millennials? Here’s What’s Most Important To Them

Did you know that millennials are currently the largest generation in the American workforce? On top of this, they spend about $600 billion every year in the U.S alone – an astounding figure, the implications of which can’t be ignored. Considering millennials’ impact on the workplace, and on the economy it’s important we understand what drives […]

The Surprising Ways AI Elevates the Recruiting Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the recruiting industry in more ways than we ever imagined. Within applicant tracking systems (ATS), even basic AI products and integrations have the ability to drastically simplify recruiters’ workflows by automating menial, time-consuming tasks. This empowers recruiters with more time to spend on value-added activities, including business development and candidate […]