The Most Intuitive ATS in the Industry – Mindscope’s New UI/UX

This Summer 2019, Mindscope will officially roll-out its brand new user-interface (UI) and user-experience (UX) for thousands of eager customers. Developed by a team of world-class experts, the new UI/UX is brilliant in its simplicity, while retaining all of Mindscope’s great features.

The software’s highly-anticipated UI/UX is being built with modern technology that is just beginning to grace the market. This means that Mindscope users will have access to staffing and recruiting software that’s light-years ahead of the competition.

Mindscope’s applicant tracking system will be powered by the most sought after technology in the industry. This will give Mindscope customers a drastic advantage over other staffing and recruiting agencies unequipped with next-generation software.

The great features and integrations that Mindscope has come to be known for will all be built into the updated UI/UX. However, the tools users love will soon be easier to access and require minimal (if any) training.

Can’t wait until the summer to see Mindscope’s new look? Take a peek at what’s to come.


The new UI/UX in Mindscope ATS will be sleek and intuitive. Users will enjoy how easy it will be navigate the revamped ATS.

Mindscope users will relish in a sleek look and consistently modern feel throughout the entire software.


In Mindscope's brand new UI/UX, expect to see intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, personalized pages, widgets and much more.

Customers will enjoy unparalleled user-friendliness. Beyond any other applicant tracking system in the market, they will have access to leading drag-and-drop functionality, personalized pages, intuitive widgets and reports, split screens and more.


Users can complete tasks and navigate to different sections with minimal clicks.

Tasks will be completed with extreme efficiency, requiring minimal clicks and harnessing anticipatory features.


Mindscope ATS can be customized to your business' needs. Our software works the way you do!

The system will offer further customization options for meeting unique business requirements. Mindscope customers will have an industry-leading system that works the way they do!


Want to learn more about the new UI/UX or be first to test the new environment?

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