Our Customers’ Favorite Features

We’re proud to offer the most robust, yet customizable ATS and CRM system in the industry. Here’s a snapshot of some of our customers’ favorite features—just a few of the many ways Mindscope stands out from the crowd.

Superior Customer Service

Put simply, our customers come first – always! Repeat
customers account for nearly 85% of our business. Unlike other software companies, when you’re seeking Mindscope assistance, we promise you’ll reach a real person on the other end. Either book an appointment at the date and time of your choosing or give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always happy to help!

Recruiters and Mindscope customers love a number of features that our applicant tracking system offers. Discover which ones they consider the most valuable to them.
Mindscope users have the option to communicate with their contacts through integrations with WhatsApp and Viber.

Text Messaging

Did you know that texts have a 98% open rate? Mobile friendly Mindscope allows you to send and receive text messages (and automatically track all communications) directly from your ATS and CRM system. Set-up user specific phone numbers, then reach out to contacts the way they want to communicate with you.

VoIP Calling​

Our integrated VoIP system allows you to accurately track all the phone calls your recruiters are making. What’s better is that every time a contact calls in, their Mindscope record will automatically open on your computer. This quick access to notes increases your company’s professionalism by helping you avoid fumbling to figure out who’s calling and for what reason.

Advanced Reporting​

Harnessing data-driven insights is the new benchmark for staying competitive in staffing and recruiting, and our reporting functionality keeps you ahead of the game! Empower your team with hundreds of intuitive canned reports and easily access real-time data through your Mindscope system. You can also create custom, ad-hoc reports and store them as templates to use time and again.


One click-of-a-button grabs a profile from a webpage and accurately parses it into your Mindscope database. You can also use Shazaam for business development. When you come across a prospective client online, Shazaam allows you to instantly parse their details into your Mindscope CRM. By ‘Shazaaming’ the new lead, you can also attach their record to a campaign hot list, as well as schedule your sales process/follow-ups!

Outlook Plug-In Tool

This tool automatically syncs all of your inbound and/or outbound emails with the appropriate Mindscope record(s) – client or candidate. Use it to parse attachments, such as resumes (CVs), into your ATS and CRM database without ever having to leave your email! This great feature also allows you to attach candidates to job orders and/or hot lists, as well as schedule tasks independently and/or tied to job orders.


Our innovative app – TimeTrack – allows your candidates to clock-in and out of shifts on their mobile phone. It’s linked to the GPS in their phone, so you know they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be! As their hours flow into your Mindscope database, you’ll be able to share them with clients for approval, run payroll, and much more.

Recruiter CRM​

Mindscope comes integrated with our industry specific CRM –designed specifically with recruiters in mind. The CRM offers a variety of features built for staffing and recruiting business development, such as the ability to track sales reps against established metrics and maintain consistent communication with prospects. Mindscope’s innovative CRM also enables users to accurately calculate the probability of making placements based on where candidates stand in the pipeline.

Social Media & Job Board Integrations

Share your job postings right from Mindscope to social media platforms. You can also post them to several job boards at once to maximize your job postings’ visibility.

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